I have an Xbox(original)l and I bought xbox live last night. I got the card, headset, project gotham, and all that good stuff. After I found the right cable I went to hook it up and got an error that said, "Couldn't connect to network gateway.." I eventually fixed that, by power cycling the modem and restarting both the computer and the xbox. Then I had the error "...something about wrong DNS..." so I went back and set the settings to automatic. Now when I attempt to run XBL I get the error message, "DHCP or PPPoE could not retrieve information...(or something like that)." The possible errors listed were 1) cables not connected, which they were; 2)something about a host name..(i'm not using wireless.) and 3) Internet may be down, whilst I could get on the internet on my computer.

What should I do, my friend Cody has been asking me everyday since I bought an XBox to get XBL and now I finally do and it doesn't work...

I probably suppose I may have to power cycle the modem, restart the computer and the xbox again too, since I changed the dns settings since the previous time.

Do you have a router? Your modem will plug directly into one computer via one cord, so if you don't have a router, you'll have to take the network cable from the back of your computer and switch it with the Xbox one.

If you do have a router, make sure that the modem cable is connected to the right spot in the router (there is a specific spot to recieve the internet source) and then there should be a couple of spots depending on what type of router, to put in other computers/xboxs in. That could be the problem if you still can't get on.
Nope, that's not the problem. I've used the router for other computers at times and it's set up the right way.

Thanks though.
mine never works when i plug it into the comp..

I have a wireless router and i just plug the ethernet cable from the xbox into the back of the router and it works perfectly.
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