I was thinking of getting one to go alongside my Crate and I'm not sure if they're worth while. I know they have awesome heads but I've never played a peavey cab.
I haven't liked any Peavey cab i've played through. It depends which cab you're looking at and which head you're using.
Peavey have good cabinets you just have to buy a good one. The JSX cabs are good and so are the XXX, and 6505 cabs, you just have to look and see what speakers are in the cabs and make sure they are good ones.
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didnt really like the 6505 cabs, they're loaded with sheffield speakers. I prefer vintage 30 speakers myself.
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I would stay away from the peavey cabinets. I have a peavey 2x12 amp and I love it but I had to change out the speakers. They put Blue Marvels in most of their cabs but not all. Blue Marvels are an ok speaker but not great by any means and have trouble with the low end. I would check out www.avatarspeakers.com You can get a 4x12 speaker cab filled with either celestion vintage 30 (60 watt speakers) or the celestion g12h (30 watt speakers) for under $400.00. Check out the site
The Black Widows are good. I can't comment on the Cabs, but the Black widows are definately good.
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