Very cool indeed, it looks pretty involved but it certainly is interesting stuff. I've yet to see a really good video showing one of those thing's full potential, everyone who has one just seems to do the same kind of modulation/pitch shifting effects, whilst they seem to capable of doing so much more
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Quote by Pacifica112J
I didn't bother to watch the vid, but I think you guys are talking about the Kaoss Pad.

Yes indeed.

Quote by thundrstruk891
man this seems so cool. ive never even heard of this kind of thing. what can you do with it? i couldnt really tell from the demo videos.

You can make a BUNCH of weird noises, pitch shifts...a ton of stuff....
the kaoss pad is just a midi controller in 3 dimensions, it detects up-down movement, lef-right, and amount of pressure. So, it can do just about anything.