I am selling my "Mesa Boogie 150w Triple Rectifier Solo Head". If you are interested please email me at "austintaylordesign@yahoo.com". This amp is used but is in perfect condition. There are a few very small marks on the casing but the electronics and the front and rear control plates are spotless. If you are interested I can email you pictures. Normally, the triple recs. come with a chrome diamond face plate but this one is better than the rest with a flat black diamond face plate that makes this head look even more amazing. The amp is $2000 new but I am selling it for $1600 because of it's mint condition. It is by far the best head i have ever paid through. Sadly I am going through a hard time where money is more important than my hobbie. THIS IS AN ALL TUBE HEAD! THAT WILL SHREAD THE STAGE OF ANY VENUE!!!

I also have:
B-52 cab w/ vintage 30's.
31 band EQ.
KORG rack tuner.
6 space rack.
and tons of lighting equipment...

email me if you are interested.
I'm pretty interested, but the fact that your first 3 posts were also your last 3 posts, which were made today, makes me a little uneasy about wanting to buy thousands of dollars of equipment..

Not to be a jerk or anything..

I'd just like to get to know you more
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It won't let me PM you..

I meant it like..

The last 3 posts you made, were also your first 3.

The way things generally go around here is when someone posts an ad for very expensive gear on their first day, its usually a scam. There are alot of people who abouse UG to make money by tricking people into paying for equipment that they will never recieve.


Definitely send me a few pictures :]

May I ask why you're getting rid of it?

And yes, i'm interested in the other stuff, mabye even the lights.

If you could post pictures of everything I'd appreciate it :]
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Exactly the point of my second reply :]
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