I bought a new Electric Guitar and it needed a set up, plus there was a little fret buzz on the bottom string.

I took it to my local guitar shop and they sent it out to a luthier. The process took a week.

When I got it back the action was amazing and the frets had been leveled, but the bottom TWO strings were now buzzing, and buzzing badly!

I complained and they said theyd get him in to have a look at it, and that i should come back tmrw.

I came back the following day and they said nothing could be done about the fret buzz, they tried increasing the action and that the buzz was "inherent".

Luckily they didn't charge me.

What can I do now tho?? Its unplayable with so much buzz...

It has a floating bridge as well so I hate making adjustments.
I have no idea man. That's my solution to most problems with my guitar. Raise the bridge. Eventually you have to step on the frets to play it though...
does it still buzz when plugged in? if not, you don't really have a problem?

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The truss rod is fine at the moment, but yes, he did try adjusting that as well.
It sounds like a bad nut

Where does the fet buzz occur? all over the guitar or just when playing open, etc.?
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I think its the nut as well.

5th and 6th strings buzz open.

5th string buzzes upto 7th fret, no further.

6th string buzzes upto 15th fret, lol.
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