I'm Planning to modify this guitar... This is what im doing...
Changing Body Shape
All New Electronics... Pickups, Pots, Switches, etc...
Im going to put a pickguard on there (Not Shown)
I also think im going to get a different Neck from warmoth. Question About This... The neck on it now is 24" if i get a different scale length will it affect the guitar any?

Does anyone know how i can find a Luthier in the Terre Haute, IN area? I was planning on doing it myself... but im not sure now... also any suggestions on anything else i can do?
Old Guitar.GIF
New Guitar.GIF
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Do the conservatory of music or the guitar center there do that type of thing? I'm not sure....

I would stick the same kinda scale length in it, since it is just more convenient to do it like that.

I would do it yourself, I'm sure if you have any questions then the great people of UG could help.

the neck length is crucial. don't change it unless you want to block holes in the guitar and reset the bridge. the body saping would be easy enough, as would putting on a pickguard.
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