hi guys here is a song that i wrote..but i cant seem to get a melody inside my head for this song..:S can anyone help me??

Verse 1

I quickly realized that you're the one
when i see you my heart beats like an adrenaline one
i'll alwayz remember you everytime we are apart
i'll seize the day to tell you,your'e the only one in my heart


I would sacrifice myself...fooor you
Baby we will maaake it throw
i'll surrender myself to youuu
and i Know...that you will be there for me 2

Verse 2

you are so close to my heart no matter how far you are
i can see it in your eyes the sunshine you are
i relief when i hear your voice
baby i know that i have no choice

Chorus X2

I dream about you each and every night
and i know that my dreamz will come true
i'll never leave you i wanna hold you tight
i believe it when u say your my only one two

you also need help to read the FAQs...?

Naa you'll be ok, they're at the top of the forum. Please read then repost.

Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.