During practice in my bedroom, I can hit all the complicated parts in the music. During practice with the band, I can still hit them somewhat. But during shows, I just can't seem to really nail the quick fills I do. My fingers sort of panic lol. Its not that I'm nervous, cause I've been playing shows for awhile, and I warm up and everything, but for some reason when I play live I just can't seem to pull it off.

Any advice?
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Your body may be tired and stressed.. Try a little meditation before a show, and make sure you stay hydrated.
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Yeah, drink some gatorade beforehand, trust me it helps plenty. Take a little breather and repeat in your head 15 times that you can play every part perfectly.
i personally think it is nerves, if it wasn't then your fingers wouldn't "panic" . i think to really confirm this the next question would be "have you been messing up live?"
^^ stimulant always works for me too, gatorade/powerade/lucozade, whatever, i havea few, or maybe a few cups of strong coffee and my whole stage show improves!
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u just gotta loose yourself in the moment man....just imagine ur a rockstar and shred like one....get that cocky attitude and play like u dont care if ur any good
You said you can nail it in parctice with the band SOMEWHAT. Sounds like the porblem is that you're not comfortbale playing with your band enough to get the complicated bits.
Could it also be that when you play live, your drummer gets excited and speeds up slightly ???

This is a pretty standard situation...

A good practise technique is to practise all your parts along to a click, 10bpm faster than you perform the songs live... That way if the song does speed up, you're prepared for it or if you do get nervous playing it at the normal tempo seems easier

I practice alone sitting, so I'm going to try standing. And Lcollins nailed it like a split hog; our drummer does have a rushing problem. But I am able to pull off the parts faster than the song should be, like I already addressed that aspect of the problem.

This is all good advice, I'm sure to try all this. I'll let you guys know how I do after our show on Friday.
We're only strays.