hey guys

looking for something new to play on electric guitar, but cant think of any think, lol, so i was hoping someone might be able to help me out. im looking for mostly rock songs, but doesnt rele matter, and songs that sound awsome played on the guitar

Search for any pantera song.

I would say: Suicide note pt 1 and perhaps cemetary gates is you're more into the hard solo-ing thing
anything by metallica, pantera, steve vai, satch, john petrucci, ozzy, or black sabbath
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or if you feel like downtuning learn some chevelle. i love playing send the pain below, the red, and closure
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seeing all the above posts have been metal or classic rock i'll have to say Dumpweed by Blink

usaly i don't listen to em but I love playing this song over and over again because its so easy but sounds so cool

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