Your guitar sounds out of tune =/. But i guess it's a nice try there ^^. Also try pressing your frets harder when you play, and when performing a tremolo, shake the snare harder.
not a bad effort! Lead tone seems to be spot on!!! your rhythem tone could tighten up a bit!
solo was ok! tighten it up!! over-all good enough attemp!
Thanks False_God. And ImSheddingSkin, what do you mean? I don't understand what your trying to say. What about snares? I'm not playing the drums, it's got a drum track in the back.

Also, I have been playing for two years, I think I know how to press the frets and I'm pretty sure it was in tune

Thanks for the crits though
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For the verses it sounded liked you listened for the bass to come in and then you would come in after that. Making yourself a little off. The Solo Needs a little polishing. Same thing. Lead tone was good. Rhythme sounded a little off. Other than that was pretty good.