The Crimson Roadmap

We've recently been recording a new EP 'Chorus of Dreams' at Random Recordings in Nottingham... and twas a bit expensive but we think it's definitly worth it.

A but like Muse in some songs (Childrens Fear of Idols?) a bit dancier in others (Obsessive/Compulsive)

Was just wondering what any of you guys thought of any of our songs? And maybe a better way of describing it than we currently can?

Thanks in advance... and if you want me to check out your band then add us or post me a link here or something...
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RobbieMac2002 gives good advice.
Its really good. I really enjoy the music. i find the vocals a bit dull.....but thats prob just me...it does sound a little like muse but not to much...which is good cause i dont like it when someone sounds so close to another band. Good job...sounds like the money spent was worth it