i've been messing around with my amp for a few weeks now trying to get a sound very similar to killswitch engage. I use a marshall JCM 2000 dsl through a 1960a cab. Now i know that since they use the h&k triamps or framus or whatever they use that its next to impossible for me to get their exact tone. If anyone could help me with some settings that'd be nice, also if i need an od pedal or something along those lines that would help, that'd be cool too because i can pick up one of those. Thanks a ton
dial in what you like, possibly Treble 7-8, Bass, 7-8, Mids 3-4, gain 8-9 thats a random stab really. like you need to do it yourself!
THeir rigs are ALOT bigger than that. I think False God has the idea, just cut the mids (but not completely) and ALOT of gain.
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that tone is what i like, thats why i've been spending the past few weeks trying to get it down. I have tried to do it myself, but i figured i could spend more time writing and less time trying to nail my tone if somebody else already knew how to get the tone i'm looking for. thanks for the help.
Well, Marshall's are voiced pretty differently from Framus'; you could get close if you spent a long time at it (which you have) but even if you played through their exact rig it probably wouldn't sound quite like them. In other words, don't try to copy their tone, just find a good tone that you like and use that.
i'm not trying to copy their tone, i said similar because i dont' want to be them. i like their tone so i'm trying to achieve a tone Similar to theirs.
hmmm...i think a good bit of bass (8ish), a little less treble (6ish) and a not-so-strong mid presence (4ish) will get you there. also, don't crank the gain all the way up because you'll lose some articulation. try the gain somewhere around 7 or 8 and push the preamp a little harder with an overdrive pedal (boss sd-1, tube screamer, etc). that'll get you as close as you're gonna get with a marshall.