i always hear about these rackmount effect processors and i'm wondering what exactly do you mount them to
Alot of the Professional guitarists like dave Murray or other rack effect users, Have a Cabinat which they screw on the Rack effects to.

That is why the Rackmount effects have the screw holes on the front.
anyone know of a tutorial explaining how to build a head case with rack mount space above the head and where to obtain the real deal ATA hardware?? or know of a place that sells the cases cheap??? i have been lookin at gettin a flight case for my triple rectifier with maybe 2 spaces rack mount above the head and im seeing prices like 400$...which seems kind of rediculous to me for some wood, foam and aluminum hardware...or what have you
They are pretty expensive you know.
People like Vai or Petrucci, they can buy like 20 of them. You can't.
I wouldn't recommend them. They can get really really complicated and intimidating. Sometimes they aren't even used for their purposes.
I find them usually unnecessary.
They don't have to be complicated. You can have a power amp and an effects processor and thats it.. Or like invictous said you can go crazy with all kinds of toys.
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rack-mounted... the name says it all dude. You have a special case with rails on the side that the rack-mounted gear screws onto.
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You don't have to build a rack. SKB and others build road cases with mounting plates for rack gear. Not all that spendy and you snap the lids on to transport. Works great.
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