I had loads of songs on my itunes until my sister re-started the pc and lost all our music files.

Now i have a practically empty itunes and i got told if i plug in my ipod to update it the whole thing will be wiped becuase i have no songs on my itunes.

Is this true?
Can i stop it from wiping my ipod?

Thanks in advance.
i dont think your ipod would lose all its songs just b/c there isnt any on the computer..... i could be wrong though but it doesnt sound very logical
Plug in your iPod, set it to manually update. Open "My Computer" tell it to show hidden files and folders, open up the iPod through the windows explorer, find the folder that has your music in it, copy-paste onto your hard drive.

I also fail to understand how your sister restarting the computer lost your music.
if you delete a song from itunes, and you plug your ipod into it

the song will be taken off your ipod.
Before you plug in your iPod, go into the iTunes options and set it to manage your music manually. Also, you might try using this:


I haven't tried it yet, but it's worth a shot.
i think it might wipe ur ipod. idk go to options in the bottom right hand corner (its one of those buttons down there) and pick the option manually edit my ipod so that it lets you control your stuff on ur ipod instead of it being gray. it'll tell you that you have to manually eject your ipod and all that junk. sorry if i'm not clear but i don't know what the icon or button is called.
Quote by x/taluha
if you delete a song from itunes, and you plug your ipod into it

the song will be taken off your ipod.

You are wrong.

It will be taken off your iPod if you leave it to automatically update. If you change it to manually update, it will not be.
^ above advice is good, read your ipod manual and set it to 'manual update' to stop itunes overwriting your ipod with an empty itunes. you should be able to find your music files in my music/ipod etc. just explore a bit.

if you have all your music on your ipod, you can read it back to your computer by using a utility such as PodUtil, google it for more details. it's free for a trial version which will do what you need.
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