I have a Squier Stratocaster. It's not a vey good guitar. It's cheap, and you can find it in the argos catalogue.

My bandmate, has recently been hassling me to get a new guitar. I have tried out his new telecaster, an MIM strat, an MIA strat and some Jackson i would never want to buy, but none of them feel right.

The only guitar that feels like the one for me is the same guitar I have played every day for the last two years.

So, is it worth getting a new guitar. I suppose i could keep trying them untili I find "the one", but then again I could just upgrade my Squiers Pickups ( I hear they are the guitars main weakness) and it would cost a lot less....
Tell him to either buy you a new one, or shut the fuck up.

It's rare that you own one guitar for 2 years, but like it so much that you don't want a new one. By all means, keep it.
if you find one that you really like better and that'll piss off your bandmate a little less, get it, but otherwise, stick with yours: playing comort is #1 in my books

on the other hand, any new guitar requires an adaptation period before it "feels right"
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but yeah its fine
Its a squire dude... how can you not want another guitar? Meh, to each thier own i guess. I reccomend a schecter tho, high quality, realativly cheap and sound ****in amazing.
well, i think squiers are some of the most poorly crafted guitars. So yes, after two years I think you should get a new guitar.
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yeah get a new one but just go to like guitar center or somewhere and try a bunch out.
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There is absolutley nothing wrong with keeping that guitar. I wouldn't, but I'm sure you don't care. However, if you do keep it there will be dicks who will judge your skill by what kind of guitar you use.

But you really should go to a guitar shop and try some more out.
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why dont you look at some of the higher end squiers . they can be pretty nice.
Just go out to guitar center. I dont think anyone will come out of that store saying that there wasnt a guitar made for them. I own a squier and bought an ibanez after a year of playin it
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Keep your guitar until you find one that is feels better or just as good because it will start to limit you eventually.

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The other guitars feel weird because you're not used to them yet.

You should get a better guitar.
Unless you have one of the high-end Squier guitars, I would probably get a new one. The cheap ones are really really REALLY crappy and yeah. They just suck really bad.

And that fact that you're playing your Squier through that Peavey Valveking 212... I seriously doubt it sounds bad. Probably sounds like complete shit. If you find a guitar you like and feel comfortable with, buy it, but if you really like your Squier, go ahead and buy new pickups.
I've played a squier that my friend had for three years. To this day that was still the most comfortable guitar I've ever felt. Just get new pickups, upgrade the tuners/bridge/whatever. Hell, but a new strat with the same neck scale, and put that neck on it. It'll sound great and feel great.
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I don't understand.. The squier feels nice but the original fender strat doesn't ?? It just doesn't make sense. I think you should go and try some more strats, find which one feels to u most likely to your squier and get it. The only difference is best quality and sound, and mabey you could find one that feels even better
^Maybe it does.

I've found people who rather play with their squier than a gibson les paul.
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Quote by Jinskee
^Maybe it does.

I've found people who rather play with their squier than a gibson les paul.

Strat and les paul are two VERY different guitars. Here we're talking about a squier and it's original model, a Fender which is same shape, style etc..
Well if your happy with the feel and the tone keep your Squier, then keep it. If your not happy with your tone you could always get new pickups. GFS pups are pretty cheap and their wired pickguards and closeout deals are even cheaper.


It's never a bad thing to try out new guitars tho. So go try some and have fun with it.
Keep ur squier... buy her some new pickups,,,
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If you are happy with it, why change?
Obviously it doesn't play bad.
Does it sound bad?
If so, try out a similar model but better such as a higher end Squier, mexican strat, Yamaha Pacifica, etc.
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Keep the Squier, in fact, keep every guitar you'll ever own. Make regular trips to the store, try out all the new stuff. Save some money, be prepared to add to your collection at some point. Unless your Squier just doesn't perform as you need it to, I wouldn't even change the pick ups. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

You should be able to find a standard or American Strat that is nearly identical to your Squier, neck shape, fret board radius, etc., so it should feel comfortable to you right away.
Keep it and upgrade the pickups. Just make sure you get it serviced to ensure that everything is working well.

It's very rare that someone finds a guitar that they are so happy playing that they absolutely can't be swayed so totally stick with it.

I saw a band on TV the other night, can't remember who, but the bassist was using a Squier and it sounded fine. Just make it work for you
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Quote by noah22791
well, i think squiers are some of the most poorly crafted guitars. So yes, after two years I think you should get a new guitar.

do squier send all their duds to USA or something? I've not seen a poor quality squier yet.
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Squier standards are decent. I actualy think the neck is better than the MIM fenders personally.
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meh i got a schecter c-1 hellraiser and i still play my squire a fair ammount i can see why you wouldnt want another guitar. squires can feel alright but the tone is by all means sh!t.

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I have a Squier Stratocaster. It's not a vey good guitar. It's cheap, and you can find it in the argos catalogue.

If you think a Squier Stratocaster isn't that good wait until you play a Squier Bullet.