Hi im joining a death metal band with some friends from school. The only problem is ive never listened to death metal before... well besides tonight because i was trying to get an idea of what sound i should aim for and what the majority of the licks are and all that. So what scales should i use, im guessing natural minor or locrian. Is death metal normaly based around power chords?

Thanks Adam
yeah natural or melodic minor and locrian are generally good scales to use. there are sometimes suspensions and such in chords they use mostly sharpening/flattening the fifth (rest is mainly power chords). there are no rules though.
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I honestly have no clue man im in the same position as you are. My friends band is replacing one of there old guitarist and asked me to fill in for him. I said yes but i never play death metal, i usually listen to classic rock or guys like steve vai and Joe Satriani. So any help would be nice.
If you're gonna play death metal, you don't need theory, just play some random powerchords and make the singer go "Rwwarrghhh Gaarrjjjrrhhrrr Groolwwwlwwlrrrrrraahhh"
^^ lol dude
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thats the most funny explanation of death metal ive ever heard, but yeah im in a sitch e ation right now , i was asked to join a how you say "melodic"death metal band, and honestly, they sound like rubbish, and i usually play stuff along the lines of dokken to satriani, and have no clue what death metal consist's of. i listen to this one song by a band called chasing the cadaver i believe and the first line was i like to finger paint, i want to touch your arm, i dont like rice, only the white kind, i mean i this what that genre of metal is about?
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if its the random, ultra heavy type of death metal, just choose what key you want it to be in, choose 5 power chords in the melodic minor scale of that key, and use them in a cool order, probably relatively fast changes, bassist playing something relatively similar, lead maybe punching out a couple of riffs, singer going "rooaaarrr"

if its the serious, intelligent, theory-wise kind of death metal, then the rhythm should play piano-style chords, relatively fast, bass plays something quite slow but relatively complex, lead plays classical-style riffs. Melodic Minor and Locrian are good scales to use, yeah, the mixolydian, and pentatonic scales couldnt heard either. Theres more of a blues influence in death metal than most people think. Blues minor scale also comes in handy sometimes
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Well i havent heard the other people playing besides a guy who played guitar in an older band and is playing bass in this band. Im hoping its going to be well thought music.Im on lead so hope i impress. I mainly listen to malsteen, satch, rusty cooley, petrucci, vai and children o bodom. Will these influences help?
^ can't hurt to listen to good musicians, i tried out for a death/black metal band and the rhythm guitarists says and i quote "oh we don't do anything by theory, the kids don't wanna hear solos they just want something to make'em move that they think sounds good" so i guess it depends on the bands outlooks as to how technically proficient you need to be. i'm more of a believer in making it sound good regardless of whether or not its a hundred notes you hit or 4 really well placed ones.