Poll: Is STH the greatest song ever?
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36 13%
234 82%
never heard it
12 4%
Voters: 284.
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This is the deciding poll, Is Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin the greatest song ever, discuss

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w00t for being the only one to say yes, knowing that the rest of UG hates the song.

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It's definitely a great song, but I don't know about number one. As far as being the most popular song of all time, then yes, it's number one.
I clicked Never Heard It figuring other people would have gone along with that option as welll... guess not (yet).
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no but top 10
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Most OVERRATED song of all time. It's pretty good.
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Therefore your argument is rubbish, as well as being full of profanity and anti-Semitic. Are you Mel gibson, by any chance?
It is amazing, but it's not the best. There is no 'best song ever'.
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lol. i think that would be fun to make pancakes with lmao
A Seven Nation army couldn't hold me back.
wtf is Stairway to Heaven!?!??!!?

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Hell no, there are a good handfull of songs that are waaaay better than Stairway.
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No, it's actually pretty shit. . .
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nice. i want me one of them. actually, im currently enjoying keylime pie, so meh.

anyways. i don't actually think its the gretest song ever. that title would go to Oye Como Va by santana =] lol
A Seven Nation army couldn't hold me back.
Not even close.
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To those who said no, what is the best song in your view?

there is none. just like there is no greatest band ever. same with greatest guitarist.
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3.14 pie or the delicious crusted treat we all know and love?

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Therefore your argument is rubbish, as well as being full of profanity and anti-Semitic. Are you Mel gibson, by any chance?
Close this thread and ban the threadstarter!

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Top 5, but there are others that are better:

American Woman by The Guess Who's is better
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This sounds like something a kid from School, I know, would think.
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two words: Personal Opinions.

their will never be a 'Best' in anything. and that is final.

as far as Zeppelin goes. Ten Years Gone, Achilles Last Stand, Kashmir, and Dazed and Confused are all better IMO.
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Wow, 5 people have never heard the song.

I don't think it's the best song of all time, but it's one of the best. I honestly don't think I could call any song "the greatest song ever", because there's way too many good songs to narrow it down to one.
Stairway would be good if it wasn't so overplayed. I mean, it's basically cliche by now... I've heard it played 4+ times a day on the same station.

Now take note, I don't mean it would be the best if it weren't overplayed, I just mean good or decent. I like my dad's spoof of the song alot better than the original . I'll see if I can get him to put it on youtube.
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