so i came on today, played guitar then hopped on the computer. well, i signed on to aim, and noticed there was no sound. when someone signed off or imed me, the computer made a beeping sound. so then i started watching some videos, and noticed there was no sound, so tried hitting the volume control on my keyboard. this did nothing...so then i looked on the task bar for the volume setting...and it wasn't there. then i tried adjusting the speaker volume...nothing. so, i exited the video and figured i'd try some music. i opened up windows media, clicked on a song, and every single song in windows media ran down with a yellow exclamation point, saying windows could not play the song because i didn't have a valid sound device. it didn't work with the headphones either.

so i was wondering, could my comp have a virus? recently i downloaded a new firefox theme ( a few days ago) and my computer has been acting funky ever since.

can anyone help me?
Mos Def scan for viruses.

Have you tried restarting your computer?

same thing happens to me, but restarting it fixes it.
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Mos Def scan for viruses.

Have you tried restarting your computer?

same thing happens to me, but restarting it fixes it.

i'm running one now...then i'll restart my comp.

ive had it happen to me before, although it was like 2 years ago and i cant remember how to fix, but it was something simple. ill try to find it
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If that doesn't work, reinstall the drivers.
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Sometimes they just get weird glitches, and restarting just fixes it. I had a weird one today where whenever I pressed a key something weird came up. If I press "o" the menu would come up and if I pressed "k" the command prompt came up. Restarting fixed it though.
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Hey, the same thing happend to me 2 days ago.... i also stuffed around trying to fix it.... you sum how deleted the drivers for ya sound.... well thats wht i got told this arvo when i rang the computer dude..... u have to get ur computer machine thingy... take the side off..... look at the motherboard thingy.... see what its called... then the model number or sumthing like that then research it on the net with the word drivers in there sumwhere and just download it again...... im doing it 2 moro as i wasnt bothered to do it today....... so friggn gay ey...
oh PWNED!!! sorry... Yeahh that happened to me once, I ended up having to reformat my computer, I restarted it like 20 times, and had no money to get a computer technician to help, so I just saved as much stuff as I could, then pow, system restart =[. Luckily I still had all my music... Like this one time I lost all my music in iTunes then had to find their file locations one by one. So now I just use media player 'cause it automatically searches. I don't think I've ever rambled on so much in my life... O.o
Ha, I Had a sound problem once, but it took my 3 days to figure it out. Sound would come out the right hand speaker only, and if you sapped the lead round, it would come out of the left hand speaker, but if you panned it fully left you would get no sound, and if you panned it fully right it wouldnt change at all.

I thought it might have been somthing with my amp, so I moved the desk back and connected all of the wires back up with new phono leads (theres like 10 of them). And then there was just the one green jack to 2 phono coming out of the back of my PC, I realised it was only half plugged in, meaning, mono sound coming out.
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The chances are that the firefox theme (which one specifically?) disturbed something on your computer. The bets thing to do would be to install the Sound Card drivers again. Its very unlikely that it will be a virus.
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...and every single song in windows media ran down with a yellow exclamation point, saying windows could not play the song because i didn't have a valid sound device...

Sounds to me like you may need to reinstall your soundcard drivers. Your computer should have come with all the necessary driver CDs so just have a look for that. If not - and you are running Windows XP - you could always try doing a system restore but I don't know how effective that can be. Tends to work for me though.
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The chances of it being a Firefox theme are incredibly small... i.e. it's not that.

Go to device manager (Windows Key + Break Key), and see if your sound card has an exclamation point next to it, if so the driver isn't working.

Try doing a Windows Update, it often pulls down drivers that aren't working.

It might work once you have reinstalled anyway.

Don't bother to use driver CD's that came with computer, all manufacturers offer updated drivers for free nowadays.
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