After all the punk/alternative I've written, I decided to take a break and try my hand at metal. I don't really know a specific genre, but it doesn't really matter I suppose.
GP5 users should leave the drums on MIDI, I don't recommend the PowerTab because it sounds bad, use the MIDI instead (The powertab is only so ppls can see the tab.) And finally, C4C and all comments welcomed!
Metal Attempt.zip
the whole thing all together i think would sound better with vocals but as is it needs a lot of work. I like the riff called riff and the first part of verse. but the rest seemed rather uninspired and simplistic. it also wasnt really a song no solo or song structure.

Needs alot of work 5/10
Meh. . . its ok. It just wasn't all that interesting and all the 16th note harmonized runs get old. Change it up, triplets, sixtuplets, irregular note values would give this some interest.