I'm starting to shiver slightly as I'm walking down a back alley in the city even though its a warm summer evening. There are no lights, save for one coming from the apartment building to my left. You're not here anymore; I'm not sure why, my memory is not on the present. My hand is still warm from where you were holding it- Or is it my imagination? All I can remember from the past two days is too much alcohol, not enough sleep, and the last kiss. It was hard. There is no more room for love though, not since you left me for him.

There is no doubt in my mind that you ever loved me at all. Why else would I have this gun in my hand? A gun? Where did it come from? I just realized there was a cold dead weight in my hand. Maybe I just thought it was my heart you stole and decided to give it back to me, after you sucked all the happiness dry.

The stars are bright and shining tonight, reminding me of that summer night long ago, when we first kissed. There were tears on your face, glistening like diamonds.It was beautiful, making the stars sparkle with envy. You tasted like suger and salt, soft and sweet. I will never forget your taste.

We called it 'kissing the stars'.

But, the memory isn't real, or you would still be here with me.

Once again, I'm reminded of this gun, and wonder where it came from. I cant remember. Its right there screaming at me, but I just cant remember. I'm too busy not having feelings for you.

I remember the first time we danced together, in the pouring rain. It was cold but you kept me warm, and we danced to the music of our beating hearts. Thats when I first realized you were it. There was no one else but you. We would last forever, our love was greater than eternity. You say you love me, yet your kissing my best friend. I can only hope you see my face when you open your eyes.

By now I've reached the corner of his road, and I step into the muddy street as a car swerves to miss me. Damn. I was hoping to be the next teenage tragedy.

The thing i loved most about you was maybe your eyes, like captured stars they were. They always knew what was wrong with me, they could see into my soul. It made me so sad to see them full of tears. It was as if the earth itself were dying, and the appocalypse was near.

Your smile was amazing too, lighting up my heart. I would do anything for you to smile for me again. You never really loved me. It was all just a sad joke.

As I reach his house, I stand outside and kiss the stars good bye. I will miss them the most.

There is no more just pretending, its over, and it's not my fault.

I shove open his door, hiding all my doubt. I know this is right. He's coming around the corner, too see what's going on and says "Hi" like were still friends, even though he knows it's gone. You came up just behind him, and smiled at my face " Why are you here?" you ask with such innocence.

"To show you who your really meant for." is all that I can say.

You look confused, then realize, as you see the gun, what is going to happen, and it spreads across your face.

"Dude, you said it was cool" he says to me, and I grab his hair. I kick him in the ****ing face to show you who really cares.

" I love you more than anything, more than life itself," as you run away from me, I say, "I am going to kill him, and make him feel my hell."

I drag him down his hallway, he is really light. You scream at me to stop, and I tell you no. Then you threaten to call the cops.

I tell you, " I dont care, I'm doing this for us."

I drag him out the door, on the the front porch steps.I kick him in the face again and make him stand up. He gives in with out a fight, maybe because I have a gun in his back.

I point him toward the bridge, and whisper to him "go." and I hard your footsteps coming, following out the door. You scream at me in terror, and I tell you to shut your face, and I punch him in the back. He winces but continues on, and I see the bridge draw near. You ask one more time if I will let him go, and I reply with a hit to his head with the bottom of the gun. He's really bleeding now, and my pulse begins to race.

As we reach the bridge, there is a rope already there. I hit him again with the gun, this time in his face, and tell him to put the rope around his neck. He ties it tight, and the other end to the bridge.

Your crying hysterics now, and I can't concentrate "Stay there." I whisper to him, and punch him in the face.

I go to you to comfort your sorrow, but to my amazement, you recoil in terror. " Dont you see how much I love you?" I ask, and I'm surprised by his ambush attack. The gun flies out of my hand, and his arms circle my throat. I struggle and knock him to the ground, and go for another attack.

And then you scream my name. I turn around to see you, with tears on your face, with the gun in your hands, my heart skips a pace. " I love you..." is the last words I say, as you shoot me down, " I love you more than anything, and I would never let you down." and as I die, I wonder, why I even tried. Maybe it was that hope that you still loved me. But in the end, death is the only one for me.

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not much into story writing but i was having a kind of feeling that in the end guy with the gun will be guy in the coffin. it was good i think atleast its the first time i have read the full story on internet. guy was not betrayed by his girlfriend he was just over possesed about her.he thinks he is betrayed but in ur story u said other guy said "u said it was cool" . overall what i want to say is maybe u can change the title a bit
Thank you very much . i just started writing not too long ago and my friend, ( who is on here and is very good) forced me to put something up. Yeah i understand where you are coming from, but this is as if the guy is writing it, and he were to say what happened he would say that he was betrayed right? i know the other guy says that, but when he told the guy it was cool, he didnt mean it. how you you feel if your girl was banging your best friend? you would feel betrayed even if you told them it was okay to have the realtionship. Thats where i am coming from on that :].
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