I consider myself average at fingerpicking, but I find that there are times where the guideline of using your thumb for E A and D isn't necessarily the best choice.

In particular, the tab I am talking about is of "End of an Anchor" by Dashboard Confessional: http://ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/d/dashboard_confessional/the_end_of_an_anchor_tab.htm

The way I have played it just just doing E and A with my thumb and then using my index middle and ring for the repetative higher part. What are everyones opinions on this? Should I be using my thumb up on the D or no?
No, there aren't any "concrete" rules for what fingers pick what strings.

Just play whatever works best.
It'll cause problems later on if you don', as it is a bad habit to have. It's the most efficient way.
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Awwww if you say so Time to go back and re-learn it....


Man, this is tiring my hands out, I feel so weak now
i use thumb for all the bass strings, however i see your point. if i were to come across a particular song that included all three bass strings, i would shift my hand up and use an index for that D string too. but im self taught, and my belief is if it works its good, as long as it doesnt cause any confusion on another song. personally i think it would be very efficient to include the pinky up, that way each finger has its own string, then the thumb only has two to worry about. but ive already learned a style and dont want to relearn to include the pinky. dont worry too much about whether its right or wrong, ive seen some VERY interesting styles of fingerpicking. when i say VERY, i mean as in wrong in a bad way, but it worked.