I have alot of other work so i really dont have time to sit and do this project like i want to so I'm going to ask you guys for a little help.

I have to think of a song that describes our society. My initial thought was "aenima" by Tool but i'm not sure if she'd aprove of the lyrics that we have to provide w/ it. Thanks in advance.
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Lol I used Aenima for my AP Lit class just a few weeks ago

My teacher absolutely loved my analysis of it =D

(on a side note, I've been trying to submit it to UG for weeks now but it's still under "Waiting" status )

Anyways, I'd say go for Aenima. My teacher didn't like it when I first played the mp3 of it, but she changed her attitude towards it once I discussed the song's lyrics.
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I' v got a few suggestions

I'm not really a fan but when I saw the vid for ready to fall by rise against it kind of hits home with the way humanity treats the world we live in. showing depictions of animal cruelty the aftermath of an oil tanker polluting the watter and surrounding ecosystem the excessive felling of trees that's what I can remember of the vid anyway it might be worth looking into

the next one kind of speaks for it's self

stone sours come what (ever) may.
basically American idiot but a billion times better living on the other side of the pond you might not know about the home grown terrorist issues. since Bush became the president of the USA the threat of terrorism has increased and as I just live a few miles from a fairly big city and use public transport quite a bit I think if got reasons to be a bit nervous.

stone sour again

it kind of hard for me to work out what this song means is it a rally call? is it saying if your not in it for the long haul don't bother? or is it saying if there's something you don't like don't just sit there do something about it? yeah they are questions i'v looked at the lyrics but can't work it out lol

and failing that anything by rage against the machine lol

good luck with your assignment