torn between the two, input desired.

styles: metal and jazz (wtf else are you gonna use 7 strings for)

i've owned the same de armond S67 since i was 14 (9 years), and it's high time i got a new axe. since i've been playing that guitar for so long i'm used to 7 strings and options are limited. these two seem like the best choices.

i like the c7's neck joint and i'm used to having a straight bridge, but as far as i know rg prestige's have similar neck joints, and it's about time i start rockin a trem. how are the edge pro 7's?

i've played on the c7, haven't quite found an amp that's a good match for emg 707's. how are the ibz v7's and v8's?

also, you guys will probably rag on me for this but i'm using a boss gt8 as my preamp, running straight into the fx loop of an mg halfstack. i'm not a tube/analog purist. plus as far as i've been told, the minute you run into any sort of digital pedal (and i'm not giving up my whammy), your "true tone" goes out the window.
RG1527 is an awesome guitar. Edge Pro 7 is awsome. But before you jump to anyhthing check out the new S7320, looks so good I might shit the bed....ZR trem on a 7 string is just the pwnage.
yeah i'm not gonna be buying this for a few months, i want to make sure i'm totally satisfied, plus i need to come up with the money, unless i can get a GC card and finance the bitch (unless you have to pay GLP to finance, ibanez and schecter both have wicked margins at guitar center and if you know people there you can get a serious discount (especially if you used to work there ))

how's the neck joint on it? i'm having trouble finding pictures of the back of this guitar. and how would you say the pickups sound in relation to the 707's?
The RG1527 is a helluva guitar.

The S7320 looks pretty cool as well.

Wait for the Schecter Jeff Loomis sig, it's a totally awesome guitar (Played it at NAMM). Seemed very comfortable for a long-scale 7.
I got a 1527 and is my most prized possesion. I love it. It won't dissapoint and the edge pro 7's are da shit!

I also got a RG7620 for sale if you are interested.
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I have a C-7+ and it's a great guitar. I tried the RG7321 before buying and I liked the thickness of the Schecter neck better. Mine came with cruddy Ducan Designed pickups but you can get the Hellraiser with EMG's or a Blackjack with real Ducans. Both solid picks.
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