Hello, I'd like to think that someone in here will be able to help me with a quick question about this wonderful song!

I've learned almost every part of this song, except for 3:01 - 4:35 (roughly) where Ben begins to sing "I need you so much closer" and the instrumental part that follows it, and again at 5:47 - 6:21 (roughly) where it is pretty much the exact same thing, AND one last time at 6:34 - 7:35 where "So come on..." is sung.

My problem is, I can't figure it out myself, and every tab I've seen (I've seen around 3 or 4 different ways to play this) have seemed wrong to me... Maybe I'm just getting the strumming pattern wrong, or the chords entirely. This is where I need your help!! If you can add any input on the chord progression and/or the strumming pattern of these parts, PLEASE let me know!

Thank You!