Hi guys

i'm on the verge of getting rid of my Ibanez Starter Pack and i hope to get a little more quality stuff. Amp wise, i'm pretty decided on either the Vox AD50VT or Roland Cube 30x, but i dunno what kind of guitar to pair it up with.

I'm not entirely sure what I will want to play in the future, maybe a little bit of everything, I like all sorts of music so versatility is key. Don't want to spend too much, but i'm thinking around $400 mark would be good for now and for later on. Don't need a fancy tremelo at all.

What do you guys recommend?
I'm thinking about Fender Standard Strat Mexican, are 2006-2007 models any good?
Ibanez RG321 seems to come up alot here, but would this guitar only sound good for metal?

id get the mexican strat or see what knd of epiphon les paul u can get for around that price
also get the Vox amp
i always wondered, how does the solo bridge pickup on a Fender Standard sound? are they useable for metal?
if u want it for some metal get the humbucker bridge strat the hss super versatile and its got that punch for heavy stuff, the single coil if u really mess with ur amp u can find a metal tone but it will be hard
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oh ok... sorry for being such a nOOb, but what kind of music is a Fender Standard Strat good for with it's 3 single coils?
You described a Fender Standard Fat strat very well, threadstarter. I would advise you to get a Strat but its always good to play other guitars, you may find that you like LPs or something else. I love Strats by the way.
What about the RG321? Will the humbucker at the neck not give me enough tone options to find what i like to play?
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Go to the store and try something. A guitar is a very personal item.

Absolutely. Try everything that you can get your hands on in that price range. Not only do you want to find the sound you want, but, you want something that fits you such as neck shape and size. That's something that noone can really suggest, you have to find that for yourself.
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oh ok... sorry for being such a nOOb, but what kind of music is a Fender Standard Strat good for with it's 3 single coils?

funk, blues, alt. rock, jazz, basically everyting except metal. But mae sure to try it out foirst, as the others have said. Many people can't stand strat necks or the tone of alder, while others hate LP necks and the warm sound of mahogany. You need to decide for yourself.
lol ok i will try.. but being a total noob doesn't help very much!

Thanks guys.