i wanted to purchase new pickups, there are so many brands and so many different types that it is kinda confusing because you dont want to buy the wrong one.
i like playing older music like Hendrix, Clapton, Kansas as well as some newer stuff like rage against the machine and alice in chains.

i have no idea what pickups to get. I have a stock Fender Strat. can someone give me an idea on what to get? should i get a full set of 3 pickups, or should i just get one since i mainly use the bridge pick up? thanks
well since the bridge is mainly used for heavier stuff, try the seymor duncan hot rails. it sounds like you have a wide range of musical intrest, so you'll probably want to try out a lot of differant things in differant positions, and not have one set of the same thing.
Check out the Hot Alnico Staggered set from GFS. www.guitarfetish.com. Smokin' pickups for not a whole lot of money. I have a set in a G&L and they're really good. Not just good for the money, good regardless money.
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