I have a vox ad30vt and the clean accoustic channel is really distorted when you plug a string, or strum. this just started happening. any one help thx.
input cable. maybe or you have something else running on the same outlet you have your amp plus into (a tv for example)
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What do you mean by 'clean accoustic channel'? I have the same amp, and it doesn't have one dedicated clean channel, or an acoustic channel at all. Could it be that you mean the Boutique Clean model? I'd suggest lowering the gain.
take it in. happened to my fender...try in with differant cables, differant guitar, try using the "line out" if it has one to see if it's the speaker, and likewise if it has like an amp in try that to see if it's just the amp. try differant outlets, and see if you can hear the same kind of distortion in the distortion channel, as weird as that sounds. see if it gets worse the louder you make your guitar, and then the louder you make the amp. won't really help you fix anything, but you'll have plenty of information when you TAKE IT IN
ive got the same amp and the AC30 is not the acoustic model. if u play the strings harda they start to crunch so eitha ur playn to hard or ur gains up to high. play on the boutique or the tweed or the blackface, they much better acoustic models