So I'm currently very frustrated with my wireless router.

Some basic info:
It's a crappy linksys wireless G router. My toshiba laptop can run both B and G bands and can be set up to use one or the other or both at the same time.

Whenever somebody comes over and use the router (especially wirelessly) my connection to the network slows down considerably while theirs is just fine. Even when I disable my laptop's wireless and reenable it, I have the slower connection.

Similarly, I get a terribly unreliable connection on my room, but it's pretty much fine in the living room. My roommate gets a very reliable connection in his room, which is right next to mine, but farther from the router. The connection almost always says it has excellent signal strength, but it still cuts in and out.

What can I do to increase my signal strength to my computer? What settings should I change in the advanced wireless setup menu for my laptop? Any way to establish my computer as a higher priority than others that hook up to the network?
is your laptop actually part of the network? for me my laptop isn't part of the network it just connects to the router through wi-fi.

i haven't a clue to be honest
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