hello, i'm thinking of taking the jump into 7 strings and find that schecter is the best route for me since they have some good selection for 7's with tune-o-matic bridges and strings thru.

anyway, just asking if anyone else has had any experience with this particular guitar. I'm not toooo interested in the electronics as they can be changed out with a flick of the soldering iron, but mainly the playability, wood quality (couldn't find the specs?), comfort, amount of buzzing if any..

any experiences positive or negative will help! thanks
dude ive played one as as far as 7 strings go ts pretty good.
best 7 string i could find at guitar center. i say give it a try.
I don't collect vinyl, I must not be hardcore.
I dunno where you're from, but for a little more cash, buy yourself the Omen 7 Extreme. Great guitar, probably the best 7-string you can get for the price. I find it very comfortable, and the playability may be abit low in the beginning, as it has a thicker neck for the seventh string, but you'll come across this problem very quickly. The pups sound really good actually. I don't plan on changing my pickups in the near future.
And the wood is made of basswood, a very balanced wood which is not that heavy. Sounds very smooth and you can get alot of midrange out of it for the chug many are searching for when they play metal.