i have this friend who downloaded guitar pro off of lime wire. and he was wondering if it was ok to register his licence for it on the web site. on the website thay ask you to enter your user ID and your KEY ID would it be ok for "him" to register it and not get in trouble for downloading it on limewire.

won't other people have the same User ID and Key ID if they downloaded it from the same person?
Support, newer versions, and if you got it right when it came out, the entire MSB library (;D)

No, i wouldn't, it will deactivate all the accounts. I bought my version, cheapo.
Well, if you try and sign up with a stolen ID then you're hardly going to get support and new versions, are you? So yeah, like coffeeguy9 says, don't bother at all.

By the way you write friend and him everytime in quotations gives me a funny feeling that its you.
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i am not paying $50 for something i can ge5t for free

And you'd say the same thing when you rob somebody's house?
Real logical, dickhead.
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its called

Weird how? It sounds normal on my version... Maybe it's just the tab you're listening to?

dude i downloaded the trial version, and i have two users on my computer, so when the trial on one ran out, for some reason the other one still says im on day one everytime i log in
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Hmm, you know if you download ANY .exe file off limewire, yes any, there is a trojan virus on it? I scanned 100 different ones, every single one of them was detected as a trojan, so you can tell "your friend" that "his" computer has a virus on it now.

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