Greetings, people
I recently started playing classical guitar, and I now nearly mastered Blackbird by the Beatles. I am looking for another song to move on to but I can not think of any... I would like to ask you, you and you who know what Blackbird sounds like...do you know any other songs, don't need to be by the Beatles, which sound alike? When I say 'alike', I mean as in finger picking, reasonably easy chord moves and with beautiful tune.
PLEASE think and let me know - I am relying on you!!!

Horizons by Genesis is easy.

And Mood for a Day by Yes isn't terribly bad, I don't think.
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Here Come the Sun is just nice. The Beatles.
Hey You - Pink Floyd
Tears In Heaven - Clapton
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Bron-yr-aur by Zeppelin might be the most beautiful tune i've heard. Really, its great. Its in open C though (or something like that). Although pretty easy and very beautiful.
Yesterday - The Beatles
Babe I'm Gonna Leave You - Led Zeppelin

What songs have you got in mind?
You must have been phlegmatic in stature
The gates of thanos are a spread eagle wide
You let the shutters make sackcloth and ashes
Out of a blind mans picaresque heart
I would try your hand at Tears in heaven by Clapton