I just played a sax, and I have to say, those things are damn complicated... What were they thinking? Everywhere you go you'll find a button, press it, and you'll see a hole opening up in the most random places. When it comes to brass instruments, I'll usually get the hang of it pretty easily, but this thing is just too much.

I think I'll stick to frets, harmonics and bending for now.
Guitarrist living in the Kitchener/Waterloo area and looking to join a band.
thats nice
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I played the sax for years. It's easy. But saying that I can't play guitar for shit so I guess that's us even.
haha. i play sax and also find it more challenging compared to the guitar. although ive played guitar for 5 years and sax for 3. good luck, and hope you stick with it though.
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thats because it's your first time you'll get the hang of it if your determined
You know who's a freakin insane sax player? The guy from O.A.R....I went to their show last weekend (yeah i know i was invited i didnt pay for the tickets) and that guy was better than the guitarist lol
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I have been playing the sax for 6 years till I got the guitar last year. I have found the guitar to be much more suitable for me. I can improvise better and have much more skill.
Doesnt matter where the holes open, you've just gotta remember the fingerings.

Sax is easy once you get the hang of it, I play Tenor.
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theres this place in florida, i forget the name, but theres a guy who plays 2 sax's at a time!
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