Ok i am playing at this place for valentines day and the lead singer just quit! he needed to do somethign for his job. This is a middle school dance and i need about 6 songs to play that still sound really good without words!!! Please please please help me
Just get onstage and riff around? Can you do that? I prolly couldn't, not for six songs worth, maybe one or two, but anyways.. Umm, Sylvia is a really good song, by Focus. .
we were thinking about just improvising for a while but we need some solid songs. Ill take any suggestions i can at this point. we have about a week to get all these down
just play the songs you had before, but without words

or improvise a jam for the whole time
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but yeah its fine
the songs are really boring without the words that we had. they all repeated a lot. We had School by Nirvana, which we will still do, and one or two songs i made. That is pretty much all we can do without words.
i dunno just do some soft song that people can slow dance to, then maybe pick it up with a few fast ones. just pick a song with a good beat that u can move to, also do a good job entertaining on stage (i dunno playin behind ur head, goin crazy that kinda thing) should help liven up the crowd.