I've heard 'Young Folks' before, which I rather like. It's nice, a bit quaint, but still pretty good. I'll have a proper listen to the other myspace songs some other time though.

Really liked 'Young folks' when that came out, although the video tended to detract your attention from the song a bit as it was so good. Still haven't heard the album, but everything I've heard/read about it has said it was excellent.
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Falling Out is a pretty good album, if you can find that pick it up
Writer's Block I haven't given a listen to yet, but probably will tonite sometime

Sidenote: given a decent amount of exposure I think these guys could explode...the songs are very catchy
yeah these guys are insane, sweden seems to be breeding grounds for a lot of really new but great artists.
Ok update from me...just finished Writer's Block and it is very good...I really liked Poor Cow

So maybe I give it 3.75/5 maybe higher after I listen again
Writers block is fantastic.

I very much regret passing up the chance to see them last year.
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The Books.
Just ordered Writer's Block off Amazon yesterday. Can't wait for it to show.
Well, my copy of Writer's Block arrived today. Really liking it thusfar.
Honestly I didn't enjoy Writers Block at all. I liked let's call the whole thing off and of course young folks, but the rest of it seemed pretty boring.
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I like every song in it :/

It's just the style of indie I like I guess
The will be heartache,
there will be rain,
and joy I can't explain.
Bump. New album is quite different.

Not in a good way
The will be heartache,
there will be rain,
and joy I can't explain.
I liked Young Folks, and I kinda like their newest song too.
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Saw them at Reading 07, in the small tent. Wasn't blown away, I have to admit, might have to check them out again though.