My guitar teacher has one of those Ibanez artcore guitars or something (It's a hollowbody) And he plays metal... and blues... but anyways.

Let's say you wanted to get a new pot for your volume or something inside where all your electronics hang out. You check out the back of the guitar... theres no plastic to take off to get to the pots! On top, theres not pickgaurd to take off, revealing the stuff. How in the hell would you do something like this?

In fact, a few weeks ago, my teacher was like, noticing his loose input jack, and is like "Oh, yeah I'm playing a show in a few hours so I better tighten this." He then accidentally loosened the nut and the input jack fell back into the guitar. He was freaking out (thankfully, this was at the end of the lesson) and was trying to get the input jack to come back and stick out of the guitar. His other guitar (Parker something) had bad electronics and didn't really work... He ended up borrowing his friend's for the show, and somehow got his input jack back where it was. Just that had to be pretty hard... But replacing a pot?
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From Alvinlee.com
"Working on the 335 electronics is a bit like keyhole surgery I used to fasten guitar strings to the pots, toggle switch and jack socket before dropping them into the body and pulling them out the F holes. That way there is a good chance of getting them back in place again later. Loads of fun when one falls off!!!!!!!!!!!!
-- Alvin Lee"

So basically you just put a piece of string or whathaveyou and pull it through the pot hole and out the F hole closest to the pots. Then tie that to the post on the pot and pull it through (with a little guidance).
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yeah its pretty lame, ive had to try and fix them before. it sucks
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