Okay, I recently got my guitar back from SamAsh, an RG1570, fitted with Evolutions.
The bridge pickup is fine, but the neck pickup buzzes like a single coil. Is there any reason for it? Is there anyway to stop this? Or is this just a bad soildering job?
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Maybe a loose wire, open it up and have a look inside. That, or have a dude at a guitar store look at it if your not that expierenced.

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Anyways, sounds like either a loose wire, or cold saudering. Take it to a professional again, and have it looked over again. Most places should just look at them for free.
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cheap pickups get emg

Evo's are cheap, and that's why Steve Vai uses them .
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Alrgiht, thanks alot guys. I'll check them out tommorow. I gotta study for tests. Thanks.
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Check the ground wires from the pickup (usually black and chrome ones). Make sure they're connected to the back of the volume pot.
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cheap pickups get emg

Dude, Evolutions are among the best pickups on the market. EMGs cost so much because they require a lot more than just the pickup and wires connected to it.

Anyway, it's grounding out. Check the ground wire (usually the bare braided one) and make sure it's soldered down to a proper ground.