I'm going to jam with some locals tonight who play a lot of ska. The problem is; I don't really know how to play ska music too well. I know what ska is and listen to it often, but when it comes to playing it on guitar, im kind of in the dark about it.

I know about upstrokes, bar chords, and somewhat the beats and timings ska is often in, and I've been looking at tabs and whatnot and it seems I can pick it up fairly quick, but my question is:
Is there any basics or things that I will surely need to know whilst jamming tonight? Any essential things I should know? Maybe a couple of fairly easy songs I could pull out and play?

I didn't really find this anywhere in the search bar, so excuse if something similar has already been posted or if this is in the wrong forum.

Thanks in advance!
Tends to be in major keys, barre chords, upstrokes, syncopation (playing off the beat, if you didn't know)... Those are the basics, really.
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Ok, I think I should do alright for a first day. It's just a little off my usual playing style; although a Ska/Metal mix could be quite an interesting combonation.