Hey guys, just recorded a song about 2 hours ago called pain...the backing track is Blues in B that I found in a huge guitar torrent, I worked really hard mixing this and whatnot, it's funny though because there's a section when the guitars harmonize and it was completely by accident! These were two seperate guitar parts not meant to go together, but I accidentally played them together when listening for which was better and I was like "Hold on a second!" and voila...So enjoy!


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I liked the timing for most of it, cool soloing and stuff in it man. That could be turned into a pretty awesome song if you practised it and refined the parts you like out of it.
Okay I'm listening now
Hehe this is actually really nice, specially because I hear some surprising parts now and then... A quick advice to make this a LOT better, just add a little chorus/reverb on that lead guitar, that would work really well, especially in the intro so those - "volume-strokes?!?" ehh or whatever - wouldn't sound so dead off, do you even understand this? hah well.. Overall it's nice, also work some more on those bends, some of them are a little sloppy and sometimes it sounds like your guitar is out of tune or something, I think it's because of the bends, but it doesn't matter cause it makes the song more real and the song is called "pain" so I dig it in that way... but you should really try adding some effects on that lead guitar, also in the outro it's kinda dead when you make those volume things..

anyways.. Nice job!
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Yeah, those volume strokes were kinda crummy, but I was just like "what the hell" and left them in instead of recording over it, though now that I think about it I can do over that part sometime tomorrow...

Any more crits would be great!
WOW just WOW . really good. just try to perfect it a lil and it will be great it still is anyway. good job keep it up
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Okay I'll run it through an effects program to add a chorus to the lead and repost it sometime later on; I'll try to do over the "volume stroking" section of the song towards the end cuz I know that that is a little lifeless, though there isn't all that much that i can do right now, though I'll try to work on it some tomorrow

Any more crits?

I don't care for the tone, and some of the playing (especially the faster stuff) was pretty sloppy. Cool stuff though, nice work!
well the name says it all... no im kidding i didn't really get it somewhere in the middle it sorta sounded like Niel Young learning to play, maybe a bit more structure and a verse or two of vocals n ill call it good...
Neil Young learning to play? Is that a *bad* or good thing? idrk who that is

Any more crits?


I've played for about 3 years now and I play about 3 to 4 hours every day, it thankfully it doesn't really interfere with school or anything because thankfully I have a study hall in the morning so I get time to do all my hw; How would you suggest I make my playing more fluid? Let the notes ring more and whatnot? I'll definitely work on that



Any more crits you guys?
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i would have to say the first guitar with distortion is waaaaaaaaaaaay too heavy. were you using a violin bow? gets across the pain, but perhaps later in the song would have been more effective. you have some strong ideas going on in here, but sometimes the guitars kinda get smashed together tonally, rather than harmonizing. if you're going to do two simultaneous solos: (a) keep it the same rhythmically and harmonize, or (b) stay on different octaves with different tone/levels of distortion to separate the melodies. Also keep cool on vibratos/bends. No need to go overboard on the subtleties.
i did like the song though, its simply by no means a finished work in my mind.
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Worth listening to
I actually really enjoyed listening to this. I was too quick to judge, and the beginning sort of had me puzzled, but after I got into the song a little more, I was surprised. I agree with Something Big, the distortion was a little heavy; I believe it would have sounded better with less of it. To me, though, the playing sounds good. My only other problem is the end. It seems to me, that with five minutes, you could have done a little more to wrap it up. But other than that, good song; your obviously a good guitar player.

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Hehe, see in the intro everyone said that I should add some reverb to it so I put Audacity's GVerb effect on it and I thought it was a little too heavy too, but the stupid Gverb controls were all weird and unfamiliar to me, I'm used to just a damn knob, so I definitely need to familiarize myself with it, but i put it as low as I could without losing the damn sound :-)

Any more crits would be great guys!

Not bad. The volume swells were kinda crazy and some of the notes you hit were weird, but judging by the title I'm guessing that's what you were going for. I think it accomplished the goal of conveying your emotion which is the real essence of music. Try incorporating some blues/pentatonic scales into your solos and maybe some other modes like phrygian or natural minor and stuff. Chromatic runs are always cool too. Oh, and by the way... check my music out because you might like the bluesier stuff like Wash Me Away (https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=522091).