Hello everyone, ive played guitar for about 2 years ( lessons for about 6 months ) so i can read notes but that stuff isnt much use yet?

anyways i love tabs i can do em from easy-mediumish i can play basic chords like eminor g e major d a c f and stuff and kinda play simple songs but...


and i kinda slowed down abo ut 2 months ago and im really getting into it again now that i have all those exams over..

i was wondering if anyone had tips on rythm, songs maybe and just overall guitar.... i know pretty much all my scales...

learn modes to the scales unless thats what you meant, learn some more advanced chords likke some maj7 add9 all that fun stuff, other things would be what chords go with a certain scale or mode and vice versa.
rythm depends a lot on the music you like metal usually has some fast alternate picking you can do, older rock songs usually have simple rythms (and use someting other than power chords) you might wanna look into other genres like ska and funk since they will tend to have different rythms as well if you want to be well rounded
nothing beats practice
For help with rhythm, just try to clap along to your favorite songs, which are probably in common time (4/4). When you are playing songs, play them with the actual song as the backing to help you, just keep counting the quarter notes.
try thumping to time while you play.. or nodding your head.. or whatever works when you solo..