So I've been playing guitar for 2+ years and I never really improvised, until I learned about Blues soloing over the 12 Bar Blues at my last lesson (I had a teacher for about 2 years who didnt teach me a lot, but I'm learning improvising and a whole lot of theory with my current teacher), so I recorded it...

My recording stuff isn't that great... its basically a computer mic next to my amp... but here's the recording... "I Like Tacos (Mmk?)" in the Key of G

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u might wanna not distort the rythm so much sounds like a tank battalion march behind ur lead, but otherwise for someone who just learned 12 bar its pretty good
^^ haha good call

Anyway. Pretty good. One thing: try adding some more rests in. Play a little, rest, play again. Tell a story, don't just zoom through. I'm not the master of improvising, thats just my 2 cents.

EDIT:crit for crit? Mine is the 12 Bar Blues in A, should still be on the first page of R&R.
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lol my microphone sucks... that was my clean channel... i used neck/middle pickup for rhythm, then my hotrail in the bridge for the lead... the only distorted part was at the end when I used a hairbrush as a slide.
Quote by Ylasto
R.I.P Ean.

Are there any other members of Lynyrd Skynyrd who are dead?
Can you line the guitar in? You might get some better sound that way...At first it started really nasty(like it was completely out of tune and key) but it got better after a few seconds, really nice job for 2 years and first improvising, I've only played about a year more than you and I learned how to improvise about the same time that you did/have and I couldn't do it anywhere nearly as well as you did, nice job man, keep at it!

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