So far i can do:
E D Em C G Chords
i can read The first 3 strings like on normal sheet music (from my beginners book)

What can i do like next to my book cuz its not enough for me to play for a while.

Like what songs should i learn. Anything else
smells like teen spirit, iron man, smoke on the water, any song thats easy and based on power chords
I think there is a thread somewhere under the Guitar tabs section about beginner songs and I think it's sticked.
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start learning tablature. That's mostly what you're going to find on this site. That might help you use some other strings.
yea i can read the tabs on here. By the first 3 strings i ment i know what notes those are and where they are on the staff
Do you know how to interchange between those chords?

Play songs that you like, and that happen to be easy. Also, look at the sticky, I has lots of songs. You can try practicing scales.
yea i can change between all the chords i learned so far i also just learned the d7 chord
If I were you, I'd start learning some scales. Scales are even more important than chords. If you learn, say, the Cmajor scale, you'll quickly see how the cmajor chord is constructed. You'll find that you're figuring things out on your own, and it'll make much more sense.

Btw...hello everyone, I'm new here. Been playing guitar for 10 years...the name is Jason.
A Major will help you also.

Being able to change fluently between E, A & D will mean you'll be able to play a bunch of songs.
oh yea i forgot i can play the A chord and i just learned the Cadd9