is there a place on the internet where i can find all the seasons of scrubs? i tried find that show but the links are all down.
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Goats are like mushrooms.
When you shoot a duck,
I'm afraid of toasters.

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South Korea should have their Starcraft league members double as military strategists.
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"By the way my name is Marcus. But if you like you can call me Sensei."

American Idol - or as I call it, the Gong Show Rip-Off

According to #Yeezuz, Kanye West is a god. As if I needed more reasons to be an atheist.
they dont have all the episodes on alluc.org anymore. most of them got taken down

go to tweekerville.com like smokey amp said. they have them all
Edit: sometimes tweekerville doesnt work and says service unavailable. Just keep reloading the site and it will work after a few tries