Flaming Fire everywhere, a hungry world dies
Destruction finally acclaimed, todays the day we end
Sell our souls for the greed, Money is all it takes
Oceans flood the shore again, the devils hatched his plan

Defy your conscious look away, continue in your path
mankind will follow you, and you're walking to your death
As crude as it may seem, we're digging our own grave
let the oil in the airzone suck the souls away

Come with me take you there, I know where to go
Hell has his hands on us, but we can get away
Few have seen few who will, hope that remains the same
Its time to go finally, Leave it to a lie
this is really good . short for a song so im guessing that is not . i see absolutely nothing that needs to be changed here . i love the line "Few have seen few who will" . awesome job bro . and if you get a chance could you crit my song "The Disappearing Act" ? thanks