i was wondering, how often should i change the strings.....so far i've just waited until it broke then i replaced it......is this really that bad? does it make the string sound terrible if left without replacing (or until it broke) for a long time?


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It depends on the player...when you think its time to change strings, then change them. I change mine about once a month or so. Personally, if I don't change strings for a month, then it starts to sound crappy...
That's what I do 95% of the time. I don't have the money to throw at strings all the time, as cheap as they are.

Unless the strings are painful to slide up and down or sound completely dull I wouldn't bother.

I suppose if I could I change them every 3-4 weeks, but as it is I go 4 month or so, at which point they generally broke.
If you have high quality strings, you should be ok for a good 1-4 before changing them. I dont change mine for up to 4=6 months, but thats because I clean em every time I finish playing. Also, if you play regularly, they should last longer then if you play like a dumbass who decides to completely 'thrash' the strings, like my last student, god. He decided to be a jokester and take my 2k strat, and just hit everything on it as hard as he could.
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I'd change them about every two/three months... guitar strings are cheap enough that you can replace them frequently. Whenever the strings are feeling dull, change the set. D'Addario sells a set of 3 strings for $10, great strings and a great value.
hey guys if you wipe your strings down before during and after play they last waaaay longer
When I am gigging once a week, I change mine before every show. When I have several shows in a week, I change every 2 shows. I really like the brightness of brand new strings. Most people would say that is wasteful, and they are probably right. But it is a preference thing. I know people that have strings last them for up to a year, though they usually sound horrid by then. So just go with what you personally like. As long as they still sound good, are comfortable to your fingers and are not rusted, it is all good.
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I have the cheapest strings you can get, and I've had mine for about a year.
it all depends, if you leave them on for ages they will dull and sound crap, one girl in my class hadn't changed her strings for two years, and it sounded horrible, whenever she plugged into an amp
if you play shows live, and or record using your guitar like me....then changing your strings often is a must.... there is no comparison to the sound of a brand new string... i read an article once that stated strings will only keep the bright new string sound for about 4 to 10 hours worth of playing... i have in my experience found this to be very true.... if you are going to record a song in the studio, its a must to change your strings, if you are going to play a live show, its a good idea to change your strings... if you just like to sit at home and jam out and teach yourself to play better..its not important at all to change your strings unless you just want a crystal clear tone
just my opinion
some people actually perfer the sound of a dull string
so, if i got my guitar for christmas (and god knows how long its been hangin there in Guitar Center before that) should i change the strings?
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I have the cheapest strings you can get, and I've had mine for about a year.

Yeah well, I bet you dont play 4 hours a day, gig, and do blues rock bends. Even if you dont play at all, after a year strings will rust and sound terrible. No way around that.
Hm, I guess I should start to change my strings more than once a year...

Meh, I just wait until they break. I'm trying to save money.
its really only a matter of preference if you arent going to be playing any live shows or doing any recording at first..... play it for a while with old strings...then change them and see how much better you like the tone... if for no other reason changing strings can be for fun and practice....its kinda like washing your car.... why wash your car if its gonna be sittin in your garage for months..... but if your goin on a date with a hot chick your gonna want to wash it
Id say about once a month. Thats how often I change mine, so its not like i waste money on it. However I do like the worn in strings sound much more, so thats why I keep them on so long. But a year, thats just crazy.
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