ok well i play hendrix zeppelin and most rock of that time plus some metal.what are some suggestions for new pedals.(i already have an original crybaby wah and a boss ds-1)what will help me get a good rock sound and ive heard good things about flangers are they worth looking into for my music style?
you probably shouldnt get a flanger unless you expect it to be a big part of your sound.. i dont seem to use flange as often as i had anticipated

you might try looking into a delay pedal, theyre fun to mess around with and you can get some interesting sounds with them. you could also try an overdrive pedal, might be good fomr some of that lighter, blusier, or crunchier classic rock
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Flangers are awesome, but there not exactly "necessary". I say get a nice delay or chorus pedal. You'll find more practical use for those than a flanger or phaser. Check out the visual sound H2O if you don't need/want a digital delay. The H2O has just under a second of delay (analog voiced digital delay, it still sounds sweet). It won't give you the versatility of a Boss DD-3 or DD-6, but it can cover most of the delay you hear in a lot of classic rock (think Van Halen). The chorus on that pedal is the best I've ever heard also. Blows the EH one out of the water in my opinion.
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