This is my band, ENEMY OF ONE. We're all sophomores in high school and have been playing together for about 2 years maybe (in like 50 different bands, its all messed up). We recently picked up a bass player and we made some recordings. So here they are.


Oh and I know it sounds like I'm just making an excuse but I was sick when we recorded the songs so the vocals are pretty low. Sorry about that.

Thanks for checking out my band!
I really liked incinerate, the guitar was really pounding and the drums were pretty good, you just need a bass to come in and some vocals and that could be a really good song; I'm trying to get a band together myself, but I know no drummers and you can't really have a band without a singer...But you guys play together pretty well, nice job overall!

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I agree that the bass should have more pressance, and the vocals need to be a lot stronger, i cant here them at the moment! Youve all got to make improvemnts to the general tightness and sound, although that could be just the recoding quality. i like the break down in the middle, the drums and the guitring at that point is awesome! (p.s i listened to the death perception one)

keep it up and you will be great in a couple of years!

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i really like it good job
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yep uve dun well considering u formed lik 2006, rlly like incinerate, and on death perception(i think lol) the vocals maybe a bit louder art from that twas good. keep it going
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