I hate how it is a trend to certain bands, certian equipment, and certain players. I know some people have a respected oppion, but most of the people who bash never took the time to try to enjoy the song, never actually owned the amp, never actually listened to the band because they are mainstream or what not. The pit is problably the worst place to post this, but it's been on my mind in school, like today when today a kid was minding his own business listening to Green Day and two guys went up to him and called him a fag. They were like lol newgreenday0rzistehsux0rz!!!!!11111!!!1! old Green Day rox0rs. I asked them to name 2 old green day songs other then time of your life, well they came short 2. So like stfu and make your sex jokes already.
It's all been said before, only a lot more coherently and intelligently.

I agree with you, but you're not going to start a revolution, I'm afraid.
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listen to what you want......who cares about other people opinions.

That word, stop it, please make it stop daddy!
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listen to death metal like real men......

real death metal.... not stupid pussy metal
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This is stupid...and learn how to write.

..You damn semi-erect circumsized horse dick!!!

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Quoting yourself is cool.

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its called Good riddance...

time of your life sounds way better though
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It's actually called "Good Radiance (Time Of Your Life)" so stop arguing...

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Quoting yourself is cool.

WARNING: I kill threads.