I need a new distortio pedal....something with alot of gain but can be tamed so i can hear the damn thing. Ideas guys???....My price range is 0-$150

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Get a digitech Rp150.... its great.. and it has alot of effects... and its distortion was great... i mean.. i play metal with this beast.. and its great...
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the EHX Metal Muff has lots of knobs
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boss ds-1 or ds-2 i have the ds-1 i love it i got it for 80 canadian
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No but the digitech multi-effects just don't give an authentic enough sound. Get a pedal for just distortion.
nooo dunt get the digitech rp150!!!
get the digitech metal master!!!!
and no i won't suggest any other distorting pedal beside metal!!!!
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