I posted in this in Electric Guitar, but I figure I'll get a better response from you bassists.
Alright, So I just hit up this pawn shop during my weekly San Diego guitar shop quest...Pretty good stock.
80's B.C. rich...A bunch of Ibanez RG's....A Gibson Explorer....

And the most worthy of my attention...A Fender P-Bass. Yeah, I'm no bass player, but I just like getting good deals.
Now, I memorized the serial number, and dated it. It's from '94-95, not too beat up, could use a good polish. Made in Mexico. Ensanada Plant, if that matters to anyone.
Didn't get a chance to plug it in, but it probably works, and there wouldn't be anything I couldn't fix, anyway. Plays nice.

Okay, so the point of this topic...
1 - How much would a 1980's B.C. Rich Mockingbird go for? All it said was that it was a Platinum series. Couldn't find much else on it? It's before they got all crazy with the shapes, so it's more similiar to a Super Strat than a BC Rich.

2 - What would be a good asking price for the P-Bass? Price tag had 250 on it. Good deal, or should I haggle?

So, price on the P-Bass?
a 90s Mexi P would probably be only of equal or lower quality than the new ones they make - which go for about $250-400 new.

I'd say you could get it for cheaper.
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