I'm a 32 year old gay male. I have fantasies about young boys. I sometimes walk by the local
elementary school to the bus stop across from the playground where i sit and watch the kids
with my hand in pocket.

About a week ago during lunch one child left the school and walked past me towards the mall, I
decided to follow. He entered the malls bathroom and stepped in front of one of the urinals. I
tapped him on the shoulder and asked him why he had left school; judging by his deep voice
I immediately realized that he was not a boy but a man of small posture: a midget. He told me
that his name was he was michael and that he was a volunteer at the school and that his shift
had just ended. He also mentioned that he had had a hard day and needed a drink; I offerred
to join him. After the drinks I suggested that we go to dinner. We ordered a plate of paste to
share. Partway through dinner Michael got up and stumbled towards the bathroom, worried
that something was wrong I ran to him. He told me that nothing was wrong but that he had lured me in there to act out a gay porn scene that he found particularily erotic; I agreed.

Michael layed down on the diaper changing board, exposing his buttox. I took a deep breath
and mounted on top. The next few seconds were great, quick repetitive machine gun action
came naturally to me and I knew that there was a deep, deep connection between us. Shortly
after beginning there was a crack and the diaper changing boards hinges broke off the wall
and skewed our naked selves onto the floor. A man came rushing out of one of the stalls, he
"I saw I saw it all, somebody call the cops, for the love of God somebody call the
It was obvious that he had mistaken my new friend for a young child, he thought that I was
a pedophile!
Don't move to my city plz.
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